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Membership Savings

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Membership Savings

Our Membership Savings Account not only does this account give you a safe place to sock away your cash, it also grants you full membership to Wichita Falls Federal Credit Union!

Open your account today to get your WFFCU membership started.


Grants you full WFFCU membership

Earn dividends on balances of $50 or more

Dividends earned daily, credited quarterly

No monthly service charge

Must maintain a minimum balance of $25*

Free online banking

Free mobile banking

Free e-Statements

What you need:  In order to become a member, we will require additional documentation to help us comply with the USA Patriot Act. We will also ask you to fill out a signature card to make your membership official.

Additional document needed for opening your membership account:

A driver's license (or other official picture identification)

Social Security Card or other official identification

Document showing your current physical address (even if you do not receive mail at that location), such as a driver's license, pay stub, or current utility bill