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Free $1000 Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance

As an eligible member of the Credit Union you are entitled to receive a $1,000.00 Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance policy. The Credit Union pays the premiums, you will simply need to complete the insurance documentation provided in the new membership packet.

Credit Disability and Life Insurance

We offer credit disability and life insurance on loans. The premiums are based on your loan balance at the end of each month.

Credit Life pays up to $20,000 to your loan if you pass away.*

Credit Disability makes your payments if you become disabled.*

*Some restrictions apply. Discuss your options with your Loan Officer.

GAP Insurance

New car replacement/GAP coverage gives you the money to buy a brand new car if you’re involved in an accident that totals your vehicle. GAP coverage - covers the difference when a settlement from an accident is less than the amount you owe on your vehicle loan.  Discuss GAP coverage with the Loan Officer.

Mechanical Breakdown Protection

How many times have you heard stories about cars breaking down right after the warranty expires? Our guess is, too many, which is why you need Mechanical Breakdown Protection (MBP).   Sometimes referred to as an extended warranty, Mechanical Breakdown Protection plans cover the cost to repair your vehicle when it breaks down.  Discuss GAP coverage with the Loan Officer.

Air Evac / Air Med Care

In a life-threatening medical emergency, your loved one's successful recovery can depend on how much time it takes to get them to the appropriate hospital. An air ambulance can cut that time in half. And saving those precious minutes can make the difference.

WFFCU has partnered with Air Evac Lifeteam to offer its members the opportunity to join AirMedCare Network's Membership Program at a special members only discounted rate for the entire household.

1 Year Membership = $65
3 Year Membership = $185
5 Year Membership = $300
10 Year Membership = $575

AirMedCare Network is America's largest air medical membership network, helping its 3 million members for over 70 years, and spanning a combined 39 state service area with 360 aircraft locations. 

For more information about receiving your WFFCU discount, please contact our local Wichita Falls Membership Sales Manager, Richard Allmon at 940-447-1444 or email: Richard.Allmon@AirMedCareNetwork.com